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Cristiano Ronaldo on Piers Morgan Uncensored Part 1

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s much anticipated explosive interview with Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored was aired on Wednesday on the “Piers Morgan Uncensored’s” official YouTube channel, the first part of the interview at least. The Manchester United forward revealed some very interesting points about the club and his return to the club. Even made some criticism on the progression of the club and the managerial reigns that he has been under at United.

Ronaldo revealed in the interview that indeed Manchester City was interested in signing the former Juventus forward. “It was close. This is something that they spoke a lot, and Guardiola say 2 weeks ago, I think, that they try hard to have me. But as you know, as my history in Manchester United , your heart, your feeling, the history that you did before makes the difference. And of course, as well Sir Alex Ferguson”, Ronaldo told as he was responding to Morgan’s query on what had happened to a Manchester City transfer. “I was surprised in the same way, but it was a conscious decision, because the heart was speaking loud in that moment”, Ronaldo further added.

Morgan revealed to Ronaldo that he had broken Lionel Messi’s of most football shirts in 24 hours, and Morgan asked if Ronaldo was happy about that in which the Portuguese happily responded, “Of course I am. As you know I don’t follow the records, the records follow so it’s good. Another one in my books”.

The pair continued to further discuss the progress of Manchester United and their managerial choices over Ronaldo’s 2nd spell at United. Revealing to the public in broader context from Piers Morgan’s 3-day trending clip of Ronaldo criticizing the hiring of Ralf Rangnick. “Did it show a lack of ambition to you, when they replaced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who a lot of fans liked but obviously wasn’t delivering the big titles that Man United wanted”, Morgan opened the topic, “to a point someone like Ralf Rangnick, I mean I’d never heard of him”, Morgan continued. “Did you call him ‘boss’?”, came the question now from the journalist in which Ronaldo responded, “Of course, I respect. I have to call him that because he assumed the job, regardless all the coaches that I had in my career I call them boss. If they assumed the job we have to call him that way”. However, the statement would further be added onto with CR7 saying, “but in the end, deep inside me, I never saw him as a boss because I saw some points I never agreed with”. Ronaldo also mentioned his experience with Zidane, Mourinho, Ancelloti, Fernando Santos and even Massimiliano Allegri, relating it to his experience with Rangnick about not agreeing with some of his methods, even responding to Morgan’s “did Rangnick know what he was doing at United?” with a “No, they did not”.

Piers Morgan then asked Ronaldo about the difference in the younger generations from his era and the current era, that he has witnessed. Cristiano elongated his answer with, “the mentality is not the same. They don’t have the hunger, everything is easy, they don’t have to suffer. They don’t care”, Portugal’s captain said. “I don’t mean only what I feel in Manchester United but in all leagues of the world, the youngers now they are not the same of my generation, but you cannot blame them, because it’s part of the life the new generation, the new technology” Ronaldo further added.

Ronaldo’s response on young players he admires a lot and those he praises their professionalism.

Ronaldo opened up on one of the most difficult moments in his entire life since the passing of his father, that was following the passing of his new-born son. He added that he wasn’t sure on how to feel with the survival of one his baby twins and the passing of another, having a conversation with his 12-year old son (Cristiano Jr.) and revealing that he had an intimate moment with him in his room where they mourned together the passing of his son.

Before the interview wrapped, Piers Morgan asked Ronaldo about what he feels on Wayne Rooney’s criticism of him in recent times, in which Morgan further asked if he thinks Rooney was making these criticizing comments out of jealousy. “Probably, because he finished his career in 30s and I’m still playing high level, I’m not going to say that I’m looking better than him, which is true”, the Portuguese satr responded.

Ronaldo on Rooney’s criticism.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s full Part 1 of his interview with Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored. Via YouTube.

The 2nd part of the interview is set to be aired on Thursday, 17/11/2022 on a TalkTV channel.

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