Vodacom Durban July 2021: Ante-Post Betting

The Vodacom Durban July is set for the 3rd of July 2021, and all eyes will be on Belgarion, Rainbow Bridge and Do it Again, who are current favourites to take the prestigious honours.

View this year’s Ante Post betting with win and place prices, along with trainers and weights.
Bet now on the race directly here—> https://bit.ly/3q177Kh

HorseWin PricePlace PriceTrainerWeight
Rainbow Bridge5.000.65E Sands60
Belgarion8.401.09J Snaith58
Do it Again10.001.30J Snaith57.5
Kommetdieding8.401.09H Crawford/M Rix53
War of Athena12.501.63P Matchett52
Soverign Spirit40.005.20C Bass Robinson54
Cirillo67.008.71S Tarry53
Got the Green Lights2.800.36J Soma55
Running Brave67.008.71F Bronkhorst52.5
Atyaab100.0013.00Z Oosthuizel53
African Night Sky250.0032.50J Snaith53
Linebacker4.600.60V Marshall53
Rascallion10.001.30V Marshall53
Nexus50.006.50J Snaith53
Pack Leader250.0032.50A Laird53
She’s a Keeper25.003.25G van Zyl52
Double Mint67.008.71J Snaith53
Shango67.008.71S Tarry53
Silver Host67.008.71J Snaith53
Divine Odyssey100.0013.00J A Janse v Vuuren53
Tree Tumbo100.0013.00S Tarry53
Crown Towers40.005.20J Snaith53
Shah Akbar50.006.50S Tarry53
Express From the US67.008.71S Pettigrew54
Johnny Hero67.008.71T Zackey53
Flying Carpet100.0013.00S Tarry53
Seehaam250.0032.50S Tarry52
Azores250.0032.50D Kannemeyer53
Matterhorn67.008.71A Wright53
Super Silvano100.0013.00B Crawford53
Tristful50.006.50T Rivalland53

NB: Betting prices subject to change as of 21 June 10:00am.

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