Fulham relegated from the premier league as they lose to Burnley 2-0

Fulham are relegated from the Premier League as Burnley win, and stay up

Of the three clubs to be relegated from the Premier League this season, it is Fulham who will go down with the most regrets. There is a proper team somewhere in this squad, a side of genuine potential that has occasionally surfaced against some of the league’s most formidable opponents.

Victories away to Liverpool, Everton and Leicester City showed what Fulham can do under Scott Parker and what they can be, as a unit, on their day. The problem is that it has not been their day often enough in the last two months, when the momentum they had built has been lost as surely as the winter chill has turned to spring breeze.

In the end, their relegation felt inevitable. Perhaps the expected nature of it will soften some of the pain for Parker and his players, many of whom will no longer be at the club next season. The reality is still not pleasant, though, and neither was this defeat against a Burnley side that was ruthless in its dismissal of Fulham’s challenge.

“At this moment in time I have nothing but sadness,” said Parker, who would not discuss his own future after the final whistle. “It has been looming but it does not hide the disappointment, hurt and sadness. The club needs to make big decisions. We’ve had a relegation, a promotion and a relegation. The rollercoaster of that and the highs and lows is not something you want.”

By contrast the three points meant safety was officially secured, again, for Sean Dyche’s side. Burnley keep going, doing what they do. And in Chris Wood they have one of the league’s most deadly strikers at the moment. His finish here, a ferocious strike into the top corner, marked his eighth goal in eight games.

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