Juventus dropped points as Napoli wins 1-0

This was a flashback to October and November. This wasn’t a continuation of the good results that Juventus had been racking up in recent weeks entering their trip to Naples. This was a trip back to the weeks of the fall where Juventus frustrated the living hell out of us all.

I didn’t like those months all that much.

And I didn’t like Saturday night’s trip to Naples all that much, either.

Juventus created more scoring chances. They had more of the possession. They were the better side for large portions of this game, especially in the second half as Napoli dropped virtually everybody back to try and defend. But for all of the chasing that Juventus did, all that was there to show for it was a tough 1-0 loss to a Napoli side that could very well have been playing for their manager’s job on Saturday night. This wasn’t like the Supercoppa three weeks ago where Juventus was in relative control and had Napoli chasing the game. Instead, Juventus were forced to do something that they hadn’t done in weeks following Lorenzo Insigne’s first-half penalty kick — try and fight back to flip the score.

Juve had the chances to score but were either off the mark, offside or simply denied by Alex Meret, who wasn’t even supposed to start this game when the lineups were first announced. (Thanks for getting injured, David Ospina. Really appreciate that.) By the sheer volume of scoring chances in the second half alone you would have though that Juve would have ended this game on a number other than zero on the scoreboard.

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