Juventus lose points again with a draw against Hellas Verona

Instead of being the ones to spoil a 1-0 lead away from home, Juventus had the script flipped on them against Hellas Verona. In virtually the same portion of the game as when Dejan Kulusevski leveled things up back in October, Juve saw Hellas Verona take advantage of the Italian champions’ inability to put their opponent away. The final result, a 1-1 draw at the Bentegodi, was yet another instance of Juventus not taking advantage of the opportunity to try and truly get back into the title race. A win would have put pressure on both Milan clubs and, for at least a few hours, made the title race pretty close between third place and first place.

Instead, we watched Hellas Verona celebrate a 78th-minute goal.

At the same time, we could have once and for all watched Juventus’ title hopes fly out the door and hand the title to somebody who resides at the San Siro.

We understand that Juventus were shorthanded for this game just as they were on Monday night against Crotone. We understand that there were more senior team goalkeepers available off the bench than outfield players not named Weston McKennie. But when you’re 1-0 up heading into the final 15 minutes of a game and you’ve defended rather well despite everything else happening around you, regardless of who’s available, the expectation is that you finish that out. That’s especially the case when you’re supposed to be one of the best defenses in the league as Juventus statistically are again this season.

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