Liverpool’s Premier League advantage is clear, and now comes Jürgen Klopp’s greatest challenge

In many ways, this strange and fractured and whacky and broken season isn’t strange or fractured or whacky or broken at all.

The second international break is as good a time as any to pause and to take stock. We now have a decent sample size. Jurgen Klopp’s plan for Liverpool’s season has come more into focus: the new structure and setup; his squad management plan for Europe; who stands where in the positional pecking order.about:blank?unblock=true

What has stood out through the club’s first eight Premier League games, is how decidedly abnormal the season is going despite everything feeling completely and utterly abnormal.

Just look at the results so far. The performances may not have been pretty, but the results stack up with Liverpool’s record-breaking 2019/20 side. Liverpool have won five games, drawn two and lost one. There has been a draw at the Etihad, a draw at Goodison Park, and an embarrassing defeat on the road.

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