Manchester City: is it finally their time?

It’s been 10 years since Pep Guardiola ended his 4 year stint at Barcelona as head coach, the team he won major trophies with, Including the UEFA Champions League.

He then went on to coach Bayern Munich from 2013 to 2016, Winning over 7 major honours, He then went to Manchester City, and has been at the club since 2016. At City he has won over 10 Trophies in the space of 5 years. To put it in numbers the Spaniard has collected 17+ major trophies but only one has been eluding him, The UEFA Champions League.

Last season’s competition saw the Blues reach the final, but succumbed to the other shade of Blue, Chelsea. He has managed star-studded line-ups, one might ask themselves, what is he doing wrong? Why is one of the best coaches in the world failing to win the Champions League?

With a strengthened squad, A more eager and optimistic side, can Manchester City finally win the UEFA Champions League?

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