Marshalls World of Sport Pay Out on Lewis Hamilton to Win Abu Dhabi GP Bets.

A safety car was sent out with six laps left, Max, with a fresh set of tyres, found himself head to head with Lewis, after a dubious decision from the stewards moved the cars that Verstappen had already lapped out of the way. The inevitable took place and saw Verstappen win his first title.

Red Bull celebrated in a frenzy, as Mercedes was left shell shocked, Toto Wolff chose not to comment to the press after what he saw in the dramatic closing minutes, Wolff was infuriated by the decision to let the cars in between Hamilton and Verstappen unlap themselves was sanctioned on the final lap of the Abu Dhabi race. After the race, footage emerged of Lewis on his radio, stating how he feels, ” this has been, manipulated, man”.

The events that followed saw Mercedes lodge an appeal to the FIA, which was dismissed hours after the race, they went on the launch a second appeal which they later announced they are withdrawing following influence from Lewis Hamilton.

We’re yet to see the impact of this event, and if Lewis will, yet again continue racing. But we remain hopeful that he won’t retire until he surpasses the current shared record of 7 most world championships, a record he shares with Michael Schumacher.

But for now, we’ve decided to pay out on all bets that had Lewis Hamilton to win the Abu Dhabi GP!

Great news, yes, we know!

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