Rassie Erasmus and SA Rugby to Face Misconduct Hearing after #RassieVideo

South Africa Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus and SA Rugby will face an independent misconduct hearing for comments regarding match official performance during the test series between South Africa and the British and Irish Lions.

Match officials are the backbone of the sport, and without them there is no game. World Rugby condemns any public criticism of their selection, performance or integrity which undermines their role, the well-established and trust-based coach-officials feedback process, and more importantly, the values that are at the heart of the sport.

Having conducted a full review of all the available information, World Rugby is concerned that individuals from both teams have commented on the selection and/or performance of match officials.

However, the extensive and direct nature of the comments made by Rassie Erasmus within a video address, in particular, meets the threshold to be considered a breach of World Rugby Regulation 18 (Misconduct and Code of Conduct) and will now be considered by an independent disciplinary panel. The date and panel will be confirmed in due course.

World Rugby has reminded the management of both teams of the importance of this area and their obligations regarding the values of the sport. In order to protect the integrity of the sport and its values, World Rugby will also undertake a review of its Code of Conduct relating to incidents of this nature with a view to strengthening scope, rules and sanctions.

As with any test series, South Africa versus the British and Irish Lions is a showcase of rugby that generates great excitement and interest, even more so at this challenging time for sport and society. It is an opportunity for both teams and their management to set a positive example and concentrate on the spectacle and a wonderful example of rugby and its values at their best.

3 thoughts on “Rassie Erasmus and SA Rugby to Face Misconduct Hearing after #RassieVideo

  1. The truth hurts! World Rugby should sit up and pay attention – careers are made and broken by refs’ decisions on the field. For too long, our coaches and managers have kept quiet as World Rugby have protected match officials. Enough is enough -sort out incompetent officials and “embarrassing videos” won’t happen.

  2. We are all human and err at times, but video proof cannot be ignored.

  3. Refs can do as they want on the field and if any player even tries to question them they are just pushed away. If a Ref make bad decision on the field there should be a board of enquire after ever game and if the did make mistakes there should be some sort of punishment’s and it should all be out in the open. This will make Refs think before making controversial decisions that can determine the outcome of a game.

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