Scottsville Wednesday – 16 June 2021 Favourite’s and Brave Bet Tips

We bring you the latest tips and stats for the upcoming Scottsville (KZN) Meeting on Wednesday 16 June 2021.

Freedom day is a symbolic day for South Africa, and there’s no better day for horse racing than on a public holiday!

Race 1: 1200m
Favourite: LOVE ON TIME (13
Jockey: K De Melo – Trainer: D Kannemeyer

LOVE ON TIME, the 2 year old colt made it’s debut last month and placed second, ridden by De Melo. The colt was consistent during its first race and aims to please going into its second race of its career at Scottsville race one.
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Race 2 – 12:00 – 1200M
Brave Bet: SEA CRUISE (1
Jockey: C Storey – Trainer: D Campbell

With the scratching of Ancient Epic, this 2 year old Filly has a good chance to go all the way, ridden by Storey who’ll be giving it a go for the third consecutive time this year. SEA CRUISE comes in at a 34/1 to win and 3/1 to place.
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Race 3 – 12:30 – 1200M
Favourite: LADY TIPTREE (6)

Jockey: L Hewitson – Trainer: GS Kotzen

With Hewiston on the 2 year old Filly, we might be in for quite the race. LADY TIP TREE impressed on her 1200m debut with a third place finish. But did not fair too well in her recent 1400m race after a 6th place finish. Get on at 2/1 for a win. Click here to bet on Race 3 now—>

Race 4 – 13:05 – 1000M
Favourite: NAMAQUA DOVE (8)

Jockey: L Hewitson – Trainer: GS Kotzen

The young 3 year old ran a commendable second in the last 1000m on the 2nd of June. With Hewiston on the saddle we should see a close finish. Bet on 2.1 for the win.
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Race 5 – 13:40 – 1950M
Favourite: RAIN WEAR (5)

Jockey: S Randolph – Trainer: AJ Rivalland

This 1950m track serves as a daunting task for the runners, RAIN WEAR has had a great run of form with four consecutive second place finishes with Randolph on the saddle. Get on at 1/1 for the win.
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Race 6 – 14:15 – 1950M
Favourite: TOP ME UP HOLLY (5)

Jockey: L Hewitson – Trainer: AJ Wright

TOP ME UP HOLLY is no stranger to long distance tracks, with her recent form showing an exemplary two consecutive wins with Hewiston on the saddle. I’ll gladly put my money on TOP ME UP HOLLY for the win at 3/1.
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Race 7 – 14:50 – 2400M
Favourite: MRS HOTLINE (4)

Jockey: D Dillon – Trainer: PB Muscutt

MRS HOTLINE has done considerably well with Dillon on the saddle, together they’ve won one race, finished third twice, and second once. Their bond seems to be a winning one. Get on MRS HOTLINE at 5/1 for the win and 1/1 to place.
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Race 8 – 15:20 – 1600M
Favourite: TROMSO (3)

Jockey: K De Melo – Trainer: PL Lunn

TROMSO is in a rich vein of form with a second place finish in May and first place in April. The 4 year old gelding looks to continue on that form with De Melo on the saddle. He’s a great bet at 6/1.
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Race 9 – 16:00 – 1000M
Favourite: BLAZE OF SILK (8)

Jockey: R Fourie – Trainer: CM Bestel

The mature gelding looks to continue on its form with another place finish. This time, let’s hope it can go all the way, ridden by Richard Fourie for the third consecutive time, in their two previous races the pair finished second on both occasions. BLAZE OF SILK is a fair 3/1 to win.
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Race 10 – 16:30 – 1200M
Brave Bet: GO MAN GO (7)

Jockey: R Munger – Trainer: AW Nel

The last race of Freedom day at Scottsville, hands us an unpredictable final race, with a mixed bag of talent on the line. GO MAN GO seems to be the brave bet in the final race of the day, with a win notched up in May on a 1200m track, and fourth and second place finishes in its recent form, I’m putting my money on GO MAN GO at 6/1 for the win. Click here for Race 10 betting—>

Go Big or Go Home Multiple Bet: 296/1

Race 1: Love On Time to place
Race 2: Sea Cruise to place
Race 3: Lady TipTree to place
Race 4: Namaqua Dove to place
Race 5: Rain Wear to place
Race 6: Top Me Up Holly to place
Race 7: Mrs Hotline to place
Race 8: Tromso to place
Race 9: Blaze of Silk to place
Race 10: Go Man Go to place

R100 Stake at R 29 603.76 potential payout:


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