The UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals

We’re down to the final 8 teams in this seasons’ UEFA Champions League, Some teams are familiar to this stage than others.

For the first time in a long time there isn’t a clear favourite to take the coveted Trophy, Some would say it’s an “Open Race” between the Underdogs and the Giants.

Although Benfica and Villarreal are not familiar with this stage of the competition, they are far from being labelled as ‘Underdogs’ they have shown that they got what it takes to compete with the biggest teams in the world.

Chelsea take on a Real Madrid side that they knocked out last season and went on to win the competition, Question is will they do it again? Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City are all gunning for the title but only one can claim it.

The first Legs of the quarter-finals will be exciting to watch as all 8 sides are considered equal on the pitch, all we know for sure is that one of them will be crowned the winner come May 28th, the question is who?


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